Friday, August 6, 2010

Tony Moly Berry Berry Whitening Sleeping Pack (80g)

Silky soft gel typed sleeping pack that provides moisture and nutrition while sleeping, according to sleeping rhythm of human body. Specially made for whitening/brightening effects.

7 kinds of natural ingredients (Rose mary, chamomile, Ho-jang, Gam-cho, Gold, Byung-pool, and green tea) and the cherry extracts soothe and relax the skin that has been exhausted for the day. Containing Arbutin, it excellently whitens skin by retraining formation of melanin.

In the morning after the night with sleeping pack, wash your face with water only and you will feel silky and soft skin.

Price: RM 102 (EM)

How to use:

1. At the time of night skin care, apply toner and lotion.

2. Take appropriate amount of sleeping pack and apply all over the face evenly enough, no need to wipe off.

3. Take a sleep, and wash the face in the morning.

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